Quality - ISO 9001 gear manufacturer

Our everyday commitment is to earn your satisfaction

Quality is an integral part of MIJNO's business strategy. We work with military, aerospace, nuclear or oil/gas companies so we are familiar to the specific procedures and expectations of these particular businesses. Our quality policy enables us to frequently receive the highest evaluation scores from our most demanding customers.
  • All our operators are fully independent. They are capable of programming their equipment and inspecting their parts (in-process inspection).
  • Every person in our organization respects our quality policy and is committed to ISO 9001 gearour continual improvement targets.
  • Our permanent Quality Management Task Group (5 people) reports directly to the Chief Executive.
  • Our ISO 9001:2008 certification enables us to measure customer satisfaction and adopt corresponding actions. Internal audit procedures identify opportunities for improvement of our processes and help conceive the corresponding preventive action.
  • We adapt the inspection sample rate to the complexity of each tolerance, and to the quality requiremens of each customer.
  • All our quality management is included in our integrated EPR, including corrective actions, traceability, history of issues per reference and in-process inspection sampling rates per operation and product.
  • We are familiar to the FAI procedures that are specific to your activity.