Power transmission packages


  • From 1 to 130,000 N

MIJNO is a leader in the manufacturing of racks, pinions, and gearheads with over 90 years of experience. We manufacture products ranging from standard to custom applications, if you don't see what you are looking for, we can design a customized product to meet your requirements.

Our products can be designed and manufactured in a large variety of combinations, with custom designs that can be optimized to meet or exceed your specialized requirements. Please contact our Applications Engineering department who can design a custom system to meet your requirements.

We only need to know your choice of motor, the acceleration, linear speed and strength you need, as well as your requirement for angular or linear precision - we’ll do the rest !

We can securely fasten the rack pinion on a gearhead shaft upon request and deliver the whole set (gearbox, gear, racks that are guaranteed to work together).

The particularly quiet and precise running of gearbox-pinion-rack sets is ensured by :

  • The use of precision ground teeth in our gearboxes according to DIN class 6 to 5 accuracy.
  • Rack and pinions with ground teeth include a proprietary modification of the tooth profile called “ROTAXE™”, developed for high speed applications. This modification offers smooth operation while reducing wear, you will hear the difference.
  • Pinion and rack backlash cancellation technology