In-house manufacturing


At MIJNO, we believe that every operation needs to be performed under the supervision of our quality team. Having 150 machines and a highly trained staff enables MIJNO to perform the majority of our operations in house.

This philisophy improves lead time, reduces production costs, and most of all enables MIJNO to manufacture and deliver world class products.
(refer to the "quality" section for more explanation).

Below is a sample of operations that are completed in house:

  • Turning (parallel or CNC)
  • Milling (3, 4 or 5 axes)
  • Gear hobbing
  • Gear shaping
  • Gear grinding 
  • Grooving
  • Keyways machining
  • Horizontal grinding
  • Internal grinding (conventional or CNC)
  • External grinding (conventional or CNC)
  • Deburring (industry or aerospace compliant)
  • Engraving
  • Sand-blasting
  • Assembly
  • Test and Inspection
  • Process validation

When  specialized outside expertise is required, only quality approved subcontractors are engaged to perform these operations.